It turns out that finding a reliable and effective enterprise-level eCommerce platform is not as easy as it sounds. Surely, you can find dozens of solutions like this, but only a small number of them are offering all the things that modern enterprise-level business owners need when they are doing business online. This is a situation that can lead to many problems, but the truth is that by doing analysis and reading reviews you should be able to make a sound decision. This is the main reason why we have prepared this Shopify Plus – Magento Enterprise analysis for you.

Shopify Plus Review

When we compare the prices of these two solutions, we will notice that Shopify Plus is cheaper compared to Magento Enterprise. But, in any case, business owners should be prepared to pay a relatively high amount of money to get a chance to use these platforms. Shopify Plus is an upgraded and updated version of Shopify which is an eCommerce platform for small business owners. What’s excellent about this software is that it makes search engine optimization easy.
This eCommerce platform will simplify the process of content management because it allows a micro approach through sections. The drag and drop concept is not used only when you are building your online store, but also when you are involved in visual merchandising. It’s a platform that allows easy customer management by tagging customers and setting specific product availability, pricing and promos to different users. Thanks to the customization, it is possible to include multiple stores on this platform and manage all of them from one place.

Magento Enterprise Review

Magento Enterprise is another giant on this market. They too have a few different versions of their product. So, in addition to Magento Enterprise, they also have Magento Community which is a free open source platform. But, for those who are serious in their business ventures, there’s Magento Enterprise a product that may look expensive, but it definitely pays off.

Magento Enterprise comes with a powerful multi-store infrastructure which will help you more than one online store at a time without any hassles. Thanks to this platform, users can customize their websites easily allowing better SEO and ultimately better ranking in the search engine results. This is also an option with great product attribute and customer management capabilities.

Overall, Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise are excellent choices for any type of enterprise-level business.